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Vienna | 24.7.2009 | 09:39 
God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

Chris, DaddyD, Zita

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  |:::Animal telepathy
Do they know what we are thinking? Reality Check's Steve Crilley on what we are learning about animals displaying amazing talents. [more]
19:07 MET
  |:::"This little window of opportunity"
An interview with Thom Yorke about his engagement for "The Big Ask", which essentially is asking your local politician what he or she is really doing on climate change. [more]
18:38 MET
  |:::"Heroines are expected to be virgins"
Crime doesn't pay - but does crime-writing pay-out? A Reality Check on the boom in crime fiction. [more]
10:49 MET
In the last Century Siberia was the dumping ground for political dissidents. Rasputin was born there and you still may come across an old Shaman. But what now for this vast region east of the Urals? [more]
17:22 MET
  |:::Food, Glorious Food
Where did the fork come from? From Neandertals to Jamie Oliver, Steve Crilley takes a Reality Check on food, glorious food... [more]
19:17 MET
  |:::Reality Check on World Aids Day
On World Aids Day, I meet Vincent Oluoch, an HIV patient and AIDS activist from Busia, Kenya. [more]
10:34 MET
  |:::Reality Check: Being in a coma
New research gives hope to long-term coma patients and at the same time raises more questions. [more]
18:58 MET
  |:::Maia's Story: So what made me an addict?
Saturday's Reality Check is all about addiction. How often do addictions like drugs, alcohol & gambling go hand-in-hand? [more]
16:50 MET
  |:::Reality Check Special
Cuba bracing itself for a life post-Castro... from rappers to cigar workers, Cubans are feeling the winds of change [more]
17:08 MET
  |:::Dark Tourism: "Dangerous" Destinations.
On this Saturday's Reality Check: Burma, North Korea, the Horn of Africa. Looking for somewhere different this year to take a holiday. [more]
19:10 MET
APA / Hans Klaus Techt   |:::Reality Check special: Tony Judt
Tony Judt is an NYU professor and a Bruno Kreisky prize winner for his book 'Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945'. His speciality is Europe. The controversy about him is his criticism of Israel. [more]
17:10 MET
  |:::Reality Check Special
It came from outer space - well somewhere between Mars & Jupiter probably and is on a collision course with our beautiful blue planet (in 29 years time). [more]
17:41 MET
  |:::Reality Check: Who is Tariq Ramadan?
His mission is reform within Islam, challenging many Moslems to think again and to consider re-interpreting ancient texts to bring them into context with modern-day life. [more]
15:27 MET
  |:::Reality Check Special: Reading Minds
How far can brain imaging be used to identify thoughts linked to lying, violence and racism? Could the process be refined to assist interrogations of criminals and terrorists? [more]
17:09 MET
  |:::India - the next Superpower?
The rise of the middle-classes: Fast cars, fashion weeks, best-seller authors, India chic... [more]
12:08 MET
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