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Vienna | 24.7.2009 | 09:48 
God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

Chris, DaddyD, Zita

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  |:::Nanotechnology in Austria
Millions of euros of Austrian money are going into the nano-technology world. So what exactly is nano and where do things stand with the research? [more]
14:37 MET
  |:::Skiing before Christmas?
Where has all the snow gone? [more]
17:33 MET
  |:::Alessandro Scotti
A man with a camera, he takes powerful and challenging black & white images of the drugs trade, including those of addicts shooting-up. [more]
10:26 MET
  |:::Cartoon Controversy
One year ago, a Danish Newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
That event later snowballed into a global crises with repercussions still felt today. [more]
14:07 MET
  |:::Democracy - Boom or Bust?
The D-Word: Democracy (from the Greek word "demos" = "people" & "kratos" = "rule"). Seems like a good idea. But why is it going so wrong in so many places? Maybe the answer lies in cyberspace. [more]
17:32 MET
  |:::US-president Bush visits Vienna
Next Wednesday it's lockdown time once again as the "leader of the free world" comes to the Austrian capital. [more]
16:15 MET
  |:::They're Building Walls Around Us
Do walls keep the peace or simply highlight the problems of conflicts and divided communities? A Reality Check on walls and political fences... [more]
08:59 MET
  |:::" reported on Al Jazeera TV...."
After ten years, Al Jazeera has come of age. It's been demonised by Donald Rumsfeld, banned in Iran & Iraq but it has millions of viewers stretching from Morrocco to Indonesia. Now, it's on the verge of something new. [more]
11:03 MET
  |:::Reality Check Special: Cosa Nostra
The Godfather, Bernardo Provenzano and the future of the Cosa Nostra: Going behind the myths and inside the Sicilian Mafia. [more]
14:37 MET
  |:::Reality Check: Immigration
A term tied up with negative stereotypes and associated with large numbers on a European government report. But behind every statistic is a life and someone with a story to tell. [more]
23:20 MET
  |:::Italian elections: Berlusconi vs. Prodi
The insults have been flying around during the week. But would a change at the top mean any greater opportunities for jobs & the economy? [more]
15:23 MET
  |:::Bird-flu: Unanswered Questions
Don't go near the ponds, watch out as migrating birds return! Is the panic justified? But if not, how uneasy should we be that scientists still know very little about H5N1? [more]
16:32 MET
  |:::David Irving - branded a Holocaust-denier
His trial is set to start in Vienna on Monday. Will he fade into oblivion or do current world events mean that he and others like him will find new friends, high-up in far-away places? [more]
17:58 MET
  |:::The Geisha World
The secret and often misunderstood world of geisha. A Reality Check Special about fashion, misconception and the movie. [more]
18:31 MET
  |:::"I've always been a freak."
25 years ago John Lennon was murdered in New York. We take a look at the man behind the legend. [more]
15:53 MET
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